Glycosylation definition

Glycosylation refers to the addition of carbohydrates to protein or lipid molecules; this process is important in biology because it affects the way that proteins or lipids behave in the body and how they interact with other molecules.

Glycosylation is also important in the development of anti-cancer medicines. This is because cancer cells express specific aberrant glycosylation patters on their cell surface. It is possible to create targeted antibodies that recognize these cancer-specific glycosylation patterns and recruit the immune system to destroy them.

At Glycotope, we use our world-leading glyco-biology expertise to target cancer-specific glycosylation patterns through our Glycobody technology. We then develop glyco-optimized, anti-cancer biopharmaceuticals on our GEX® platform, which allows us to engineer targeted glyco-optimized antibodies with enhanced bioavailability, bioactivity and anti-tumour activity.

Two core technologies
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Importance of Glycosylation

The vast majority of pharmaceutically relevant proteins are glycosylated. Glycosylation plays a key role in many biological processes. Glycosylation patterns vary between species and cell types. Most of the currently marketed biologics are made in non-human cells and therefore carry non-human sugar structures which have a negative effect in terms of the products.
With the combined advantages of optimized sialylation, galactosylation, fucosylation, branching and absence of non-human sugar structures, GEX® products may result in higher efficacy, fewer side effects (incl.immunogenicity), increased bioavailability and/or broader coverage of patients and indications.
Parameters Potential areas of improvement
Sialylation Bioactivity, bioavailability, immunogenicity
Fucosylation Bioactivity, e.g. enhanced anti-tumor activity, ADCC
Galactosylation Bioactivity, e.g. enhanced anti-tumor activity, ADCC, bioavailability
Bisecting GlcNAc / Branching Bioactivity, bioavailability
Fully human glycosylation Bioactivity, bioavailability, immunogenicity, adverse side effects

GlycoExpress® toolbox of glyco-engineered proprietary human cell lines for fast & high yield expression of higher active antibodies & glycoprotein biopharmaceuticals

GlycoExpress® and GEX® is an expression platform for expression of a variety of different biopharmaceuticals with fully human glycosylation. Additionally the technology allows the optimization of glycosylation to improve activity and/or other properties like bioavailability, stability, and/or immunogenicity for better clinical performance.

It is based on proprietary human cell lines generated by glyco-engineering and biotechnologically, optimized for both product optimization and fast, high reproducible and high yield glycoprotein production.

Glycotope GEX® technology provides an expression technology platform proven for:

  • Antibodies of different isotypes (e.g IgG1,IgG2, IgM, IgA)
  • Defucoslyated antibodies
  • Bispecific antibodies
  • Complex glycosylated antibodies
  • Blood-factors
  • Protein hormones
  • Enzymes
  • Scaffolds

If you like to find out more about how these human cell line expression system could enhance your own pipeline please go to Cell Line Development.