TA-MUC1-Targeted IL-15 Immuno-cytokine Fusion

Our anti-TA-MUC1 antibody fused to the cytokine Interleukin-15.

Cytokines have long been used for cancer therapy to activate the immune system, but side effects and short half-life limit their therapeutic application. From that, PM-IL15 was designed to combine the potential of IL-15 therapy with TA-MUC1 mediated tumor targeting.

PM-IL15 attracts and activates immune cells (e.g. T and NK cells) directly at the tumor site thereby turning an “immune desert” into a “hot” tumor and inducing tumor cell lysis. The molecule is very potent for itself but also a valuable combination partner for different therapies requiring an inflamed tumor immune landscape like checkpoint antibodies, bispecific antibodies, cell therapies (e.g. CAR-T), vaccines, etc.

The drug is in early stage preclinical development and in vitro & in vivo Proof-of-concept data on functionality, safety, PK/PD and potential drug combinations are available. Main target indications are e.g. ovarian, lung and breast cancer, as combination partner e.g. classical checkpoint indications like NSCLC, bladder and kidney or new indications so far not responding to immune therapy.


Utilizing the company’s unique technology platform, Glycotope has developed a mature pipeline of first-in-class and best-in-class biopharmaceuticals. Three oncology products are currently in advanced clinical development

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