Bi-specific T cell-engaging mAb recognizing tumor-specific TA-MUC1 and CD3 on T cells for treatment of solid tumors

Upon dual binding, T cells are recruited to the tumor, become activated, proliferate and finally induces potent and robust anti-tumor cytotoxicity. The “adapter function” of PM-CD3 to form an immunological synapse between tumor and T cell bypasses the physiological way of T cell activation, often hindered by tumor immunosuppression.

All mechanisms of action are strictly target-related and no unwanted off-target effects are observed. TA-MUC1 is the ideal tumor target for a T cell engager due to its unique tumor specificity which is critical for safety in patients.

Efficacy and safety were comprehensively investigated. The drug is in late stage preclinical development. The main target indications are ovarian, lung and breast cancer, major unmet need is seen in ovarian and triple negative breast cancer.


Utilizing the company’s unique technology platform, Glycotope has developed a mature pipeline of first-in-class and best-in-class biopharmaceuticals. Three oncology products are currently in advanced clinical development

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