Have a look at our Poster 32 about the validation of a NAb assay (download via EBF page, presentation by Nikitas Bistolas at the Thursday poster session starting at 4 pm)

Glycotope is a clinical stage biotechnology company established in 2001 and located in Berlin, Germany, with an innovative biopharmaceutical pipeline and a biopharmaceutical service unit.

The service unit, with its new brand name FyoniBio, offers ISO 9001 compliant services with a long track record in assay establishment and validation as well in storage and analyzing clinical samples under GCLP. Our focus are PK, ADA and biomarker assays with strong expertise in complex cellular bioassays.

The portfolio is complimented by analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP), such as the Fcγ receptor SNPs, supporting patient selection and stratification.

Additionally, FyoniBio is the ideal partner for development of complex biotherapeutics with our innovative GlycoExpress® technology.

Dr. Hans Baumeister


Dr. Beate Habel


Dr. Nikitas Bistolas