Meet our Leadership Team

Our diversity of skills and the collective experience of the team at Glycotope are what make us strong

The contribution of each individual employee is valued to constantly develop and improve our approach. We believe in supportive cooperation at every level of our company, as well as with our partners, to achieve our common goals.

Henner Kollenberg

Managing Director

Henner serves as Managing Director of Glycotope since 2014. He has more than 20 years of experience in management functions including strategy, finance, operations and venture capital.

Antje Danielczyk

Head of Research & Development

Antje heads the Research & Development department. She is a biochemist specialized in the development of recombinant antibody-based therapeutics.

Patrik Kehler

Head of BD & Program Management

Patrik heads the business development and program management. He is an immunologist specialized in the development of therapeutics in the field of oncology.  

Anika Jäkel

Director Preclinical Pharmacology

Anika leads the Preclinical Pharmacology group. She is an immunologist specialized in the pharmacological in vitro and in vivo assessment of antibody-based therapeutics.

Sophie Marinoff

Director Platform Development

Sophie leads the Platform Development group. She is a biotechnologist specialized in bioanalytics.

Jenny Schewe

Head of Finance & Controlling

Jenny serves as Head of Finance and Controlling since 2017. She has more than 12 years of experience in finance and controlling functions.

Sebastian Bloszyk

Legal Counsel

Sebastian serves as Legal Counsel at Glycotope.  He is a business lawyer specialized in the fields of contract and company law.