Glycotope is a clinical stage biotechnology company applying world-leading glyco-biology expertise to develop highly innovative mAb-based therapeutics in immuno-oncology and oncology.

The Company’s Glycobodies target specific glyco-epitopes to generate first-in-class products including naked antibodies and bispecifics. Glycotope’s technology provides a platform for the development of additional clinical and pre-clinical programs with an array of modes of action providing a unique offering in the immuno-oncology and oncology space.

Immuno-oncology or cancer immunotherapy is completely different from untargeted chemotherapy or “classical” tumor-targeting cytotoxic antibodies. It targets the problem, that cancer cells utilize clever mechanisms to protect themselves from the immune system by pretending to be a normal cell that must be protected, e.g. by inhibiting immune cells from recognition and attack. Immunomodulatory iOnc drugs, e.g. checkpoint antibodies, T cell engager, immune-cytokines or cell therapies and vaccines aim to re-enable the patients´ immune system to recognize and attack the tumor.


Glycosylation plays an important role in the different steps of tumor progression. Cancer cells show altered glycosylation patterns compared to healthy cells emphasizing these Glyco-epitopes as interesting therapeutic targets wich can be addressed by a new class of highly specific antibodies applicable to wide range of cancers. These “GlycoBodies” are under development in combination trials and as bispecific antibodies modulating the patients´ immune System.

Glycotope has developed a growing pipeline of high-value cancer therapies, focused on the novel glyco-epitope target TA-MUC1. Our lead clinical program is a Phase Ib combining the TA-MUC1 targeting antibody Gatipotuzumab with anti-EGFR antibodies.

Glycotope has also entered a partnership with Daiichi Sankyo for antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) and is also exploring multiple additional formats based on the TA-MUC1 target.

With our unique product platform technologies, world-leading expertise in glyco-biology, and our experienced team, we believe our promising pipeline will deliver more effective treatments to improve outcomes for patients.

At Glycotope, we aim to play our part in the immuno-oncology revolution by using our world-leading understanding of glyco-biology to develop new, better targeted and glyco-optimized immunotherapeutics in cancer."
Henner Kollenberg
Managing Director