Glycotope is a clinical stage immuno-oncology company built on world-leading glyco-biology expertise. We focus primarily on developing innovative immuno-oncology products for the treatment of a range of cancer types. Glycotope was founded in 2000 in Berlin, Germany.

By leveraging our proprietary technologies, we are driving the development of a high-value clinical and pre-clinical immuno-oncology pipeline.


Glyco-epitope Targeting enables us to identify and target specific glyco-epitopes found on tumor cells to create highly potent, highly specific glycobodies.


Glyco-optimization Technology (GEX®) enables the glyco-optimisation of fully human glycosylated biopharmaceuticals that have the potential for enhanced efficacy and fewer side effects.

Using these unique technologies Glycotope has developed a growing pipeline of high-value cancer therapies, focused around the glyco-optimized antibody Gatipotuzumab which targets the novel glyco-epitope target TA-MUC1. Our lead clinical program is in Phase Ib/II in combination with Tomuzotuximab, a glyco-optimized second-generation anti-EGFR mAb. Glycotope has also entered a partnership with Daiichi Sankyo for antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) and is also exploring multiple additional formats based on Gatipotuzumab.

With our world-leading expertise in glyco-biology, unique platform technologies, and our experienced management team and board, we believe our promising pipeline will deliver more effective treatments with fewer side effects and, ultimately, improve outcomes for patients.

Our strategy is progress our in-house development pipeline to advanced clinical stage to drive value, seek strategic partners for development and commercialization, and to partner our non-core oncology and our non-oncology portfolio.


At Glycotope, we aim to play our part in the immuno-oncology revolution by using our world-leading understanding of glyco-biology to develop new, better targeted and glyco-optimized immunotherapeutics in cancer."
Henner Kollenberg
Managing Director