Development of tumor-targeting antibodies

Development of tumor-targeting antibodies

Targeting tumor-specific glycosylation patterns to enable advanced therapies

Targeted therapeutics in oncology

Glycotope is a leading antibody development company specializing in innovative approaches to cancer immunotherapy. Our research is focused on highly specific tumor-targeting antibodies with the potential to treat a broad range of cancers. By leveraging our expertise in glycobiology, we aim to unlock new therapeutic avenues and improve patient outcomes. Explore our website to learn more about our technology, pipeline and team.

How we develop tumor targeting antibodies

Using advanced discovery methods, we have identified more than >1,000 glyco-targets and advanced the development of promising tumor-targeting antibodies. By focusing on tumor-specific glycostructures, we are revolutionizing cancer therapy with highly targeted and effective treatments. Learn how we are setting new standards of tumor-specificity in antibody therapeutics.

Glycotope's team in Berlin

Pipeline of antibody therapeutics

Our pipeline includes a broad range of antibody therapeutics targeting a variety of tumor-associated antigens. From early discovery to clinical development, each candidate in our pipeline represents a potential breakthrough in immunotherapy for cancer. Take a closer look at our pipeline of antibody therapeutics.

Development of tumor-targeting antibodies


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Our proprietary technology platform enables the development of antibodies with unrivaled tumor-specificity

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Our pipeline of antibody therapeutics includes in-house and partnered pre-clinical programs

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We aim to continuously expand our collaborations with industry partners and academic centers to further exploit the unique potential of our technology