Glycosylation influences the key features of protein-based drugs

The vast majority of pharmaceutically relevant proteins are glycosylated. Numerous studies have shown that selective glycosylation of recombinant proteins can significantly improve physicochemical properties, including solubility, form, binding affinity and stability. These improvements can in turn have a positive effect on the pharmacological properties of drugs and drug candidates such as efficacy, bioactivity, bioavailability, prolonged half-life in patients, immunogenicity and fewer side effects.

Two core technologies for developing proprietary best-in-class and first-in-class therapeutics

Glycotope has developed unique technology platforms for the development of novel glyco-epitope targeting antibodies (glyco-epitope targeting –GlycoBody™ (GET™)) and for the optimization of glycosylation based on engineered human cell lines (glyco-optimization of proteins – GlycoExpress™ or GEX™).