GlycoExpress: Technology based on human cells for high efficacy and low side effects of Biopharmaceuticals

  • The sugar structure on Biotehrapeutics are responsible for the efficacy and side effects of biopharmaceuticals
  • Most biopharmaceuticals are based on CHO1) cells and expressing hamster sugar structures
  • Glycotope’s biopharmaceuticals produced with glycooptimizing human cells expressing fully human sugar structures
  • Furthermore GEX cell lines are engineered to optimize glycosylation in several aspects and allows the adjustment of various glycosylation parameters


GlycoBody™: Generating Antibodies that are highly specific binding to tumor cells

  • Technology platform to generate highly specific monoclonal antibodies against carbohydrate epitopes only existing on tumor cells
  • Glycobodies are applicable for a wide range of different cancer indications


1) Chinese Hamster Ovary