Our first-in-class antibody against a tumor-specific carbohydrate-protein epitope.

PankoMab-GEX® is a novel, proprietary, exceptionally potent and specific anti-tumor antibody developed through Glycotope’s proprietary glyco-epitope targeting and glycooptimization technologies. It has potential across a number of cancer types and as a platform for the development of multiple further oncology and immuno-oncology products including bi-specifics targeting immune system effects. PankoMab-GEX® enables tumor-specific binding to a novel carbohydrate-induced conformational epitope, the TA-MUC1 (tumor-associated MUC1), which is present in the majority of cases across a variety of high prevalence carcinomas.

Glycotope seeks collaboration partners for late-stage development and commercialization of PankoMab-GEX®, its novel, exceptionally potent and specific tumor antibody.
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Utilizing the company’s unique technology platform, Glycotope has developed a mature pipeline of first-in-class and best-in-class biopharmaceuticals. Three oncology products are currently in advanced clinical development.

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Disease setting, and the opportunity

PankoMab-GEX® is currently under development for recurrent ovarian cancer. Target indications for further development include non-small cell lung (NSCLC), breast, gastrointestinal, pancreatic, endometrial and cervical cancers.

In these target indications, most patients carry the TA-MUC1 antigen.

Key Trials and Data

In a Phase 1 dose escalation study, single agent PankoMab-GEX® was well tolerated and showed promising therapeutic activity in patients with various solid tumors, including complete and partial responses and long lasting disease control.

In November 2013, Glycotope initiated a Phase 2 study with PankoMab-GEX® as maintenance therapy for recurrent ovarian cancer. The recruitment phase for this study has recently been completed. The results from this study are expected for mid-2017.

Differentiation/mode of actions/specificity

The TA-MUC1 epitope comprises a tumor-specific carbohydrate antigen together with the immuno-dominant peptide region of MUC1, combining high tumor specificity, a high number of binding sites and affinity. It is abundantly present on primary tumors, metastases and cancer stem cells and virtually absent on normal cells. PankoMab-GEX® works via a series of potent anti-tumor mechanisms of action, including antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC), tumor cell phagocytosis and induction of apoptosis, which are strongly enhanced by glyco-optimization through Glycotope’s GlycoExpress® platform. This glyco-optimization is expected to result in better treatment outcomes compared to non-glyco-optimized biotherapeutics.


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