Glyco-optimized second-generation trastuzumab

TrasGEX™ is a novel best-in-class anti-HER2-receptor antibody with optimized and fully human glycosylation that is being developed for the treatment of a variety of cancer indications. Blockbuster trastuzumab has been approved for the treatment of HER2-positive breast cancer and HER2-positive stomach cancer. TrasGEX™ has shown significantly improved antibody dependent cellular toxicity (ADCC), in particular among all allotypes of the FcγIIIa-receptor mediating the ADCC, which could mean a significantly improved therapeutic outcome for patients eligible for treatment with trastuzumab. Simultaneously, the fully human nature of TrasGEX™ host cell lines avoids the common immunogenic reactions against host-derived non-human components.

In a single agent Phase I trial, TrasGEX™ was well tolerated and showed promising activity, with complete and partial responses, including in patients who did not respond to trastuzumab. One patient had a very long duration of complete response of more than 600 days.