Glycotope´s Pipeline

Based on our platform technologies Glycotope has successfully established a pipeline of antibodies and non-antibody proteins.

The leading GlycoBody PankoMab-GEX (GT-MAB 2.5-GEX™) is a proprietary antibody that is currently in a Clinical Phase IIb trial in Ovarian Cancer (OvCa) started in Q3 / 2013.

The new EGFR antibody CetuGEX (GT-MAB 5.2-GEX™), a glycooptimized Cetuximab has started a Phase IIb trial in Head&Neck Cancer (SSCHN) in Q4 / 2013.

TrasGEX (GT-MAB 7.3-GEX™) Glycotope’s HER2 antibody has succesfully finished Phase I.

FSH-GEX (GT-GP 2.4-GEX™), a glycooptimized Follicle-Stimulating Hormone is Glycotope’s first non-antibody product in the clinic, Phase III is scheduled to start in Q3 / 2014.