TetramerGlycotope Biotechnology’s (former:ORPEGEN) product line of diagnostic kits is focussed on the quantitative assessment of cellular functions. We offer immune function assay kits based on flow cytometry procedures for the fast and precise measurement of various cell functions focused on the functional characterisation of the cellular immune response. Therefore, our kits are all designed as ready-to-use reagent kits in clinical routine, quality controlled and qualified for clinical diagnosis.

Glycotope Biotechnology also offers MHC Class One Tetramers.

Diagnostics / Research Reagents
  • Ready to-use diagnostics kits for routine usediagnostic1
  • Research reagents for FACS analysis
MHC Class One Tetramers
  • MHC-Tetramer technology for diagnostic and therapeutic use
  • Quantification and monitoring of antigen-specific T-cells
Monitoring CMV -specific T cells with Tetramers

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