Contract Research

Since many years our philosophy is to support our customers with state-of-the-art technologies to develop biotherapeutic products. From our own pipeline products we know all the hurdles that can occur on the way. Therefore most projects are organized in work packages and milestones with regular telephone conferences to let the customer control the process of the project.

Glycotope is one of the rare Biotech companies worldwide that is able to offer the development of therapeutic proteins, especially antibodies, from the gene to the drug to be used in clinical trials. To increase the product value the customer has the option to apply Glycotopes GlycoOptimization and Recombinant Antibody Technologies, in particular the recombinant expression in Glycotopes toolbox of human cell lines (GlycoExpress™).

Glycotope Service Portfolio

In case of recombinant antibodies a standard purification process and a wide range of biochemical techniques to characterize the antibody are available, including the analysis of glycosylation and its antigen binding properties, the bioactivities of therapeutic antibodies and PD and PK studies.

Glycotope has a long track record in developing production cell lines and a production process, especially when the glycosylation of the recombinant product needs to be considered.
The production process developed at Glycotope can then be transferred to Glycotope Biotechnology, a GMP facility fully owned by Glycotope, for up-scaling and GMP production of the API and drug product including fill and finish.