Who we are

Glycotope is a clinical stage immuno-oncology company built on world-leading glyco-biology expertise. The company has a mature and growing pipeline of proprietary cancer therapies, a highly specialised GMP manufacturing facility in Heidelberg and is one of the largest private biotech companies in Germany.

Glycotope focusing on research and clinical development is located in the north of Berlin at Berlin-Buch Campus – an innovative science, health and biotechnology park, Glycotope Biotechnology our specialist manufacturing subsidiary is located in the center of Heidelberg. Together we are aiming to play our part in the immuno-oncology revolution by using our world-leading understanding of glyco-biology.

What we offer

With approximately 120 employees in Berlin and 90 in Heidelberg, Glycotope and Glycotope Biotechnology offer a cooperative environment with flat hierarchies. Flexible working hours, corporate pension plans, and capital forming benefits are just some examples of the variety of benefits and incentives we offer to our employees.

What we are looking for?

We recognize that our employees are the key to success and therefore we seek talented and committed people to join our team in the various areas of the company. Please find our current job listings below.

Who should apply?

Professionals and graduates

Professionals and graduates’ who aim for more than just a job. At Glycotope you work in an environment which allows for personal and professional fulfilment. Flat hierarchies, teamwork and long-term career opportunities are just some qualities of our expanding company. Please find our current job listings below.

Students and Interns

Committed and ambitious students and interns who aim for a new challenge in the biotech industry. At Glycotope we offer individual space for fresh ideas and bold visions. Are you looking for a company where you can write your final thesis in a corporate environment? Please send us your application!

Career Opportunities

Careers Contacts

Annette Lehne
Head of Human Resources
Stella Homann
Human Resource Manager, Glycotope GmbH
Maximilian Kuhn
Human Resource Manager, Glycotope Biotechnology GmbH
Contact Details
Berlin Tel
+49 (0) 30 9489 2600
Heidelberg Mail
Heidelberg Tel
+49 (0) 6221 9105 0