Glycotope is a clinical stage immuno-oncology company built on world-leading glyco-biology expertise. We focus primarily on developing innovative immuno-oncology products for the treatment of a range of cancer types. In addition our proprietary technologies have been used to develop treatments for infertility and blood coagulation disorders. Glycotope was founded in 2001 in Berlin, Germany.

By leveraging our proprietary technologies, we are driving a pipeline of first-in-class biopharmaceuticals that are highly specific and highly potent.

GET enables us to identify and target specific glyco-epitopes found on tumor cells.

GEX® enables the glyco-optimisation of fully human glycosylated biopharmaceuticals that have the potential for enhanced efficacy and fewer side effects.

Using these unique technologies Glycotope has developed a mature and growing pipeline of proprietary cancer therapies, as well as products in infertility and blood coagulation. Our lead oncology product, PankoMab-GEX®, is currently in a Phase 2 trial for TA-MUC1-positive ovarian cancer and has also demonstrated potential in a number of other indications. We also have two further oncology products in Phase 1 and Phase 2 development.

With our world-leading expertise in glyco-biology, unique platform technologies, and our experienced management team and board, we believe our promising pipeline will deliver more effective treatments with fewer side effects and, ultimately, improve outcomes for patients.

Our GMP manufacturing subsidiary, Glycotope Biotechnology, offers a wide range of research and development capabilities – from discovery, molecule optimization, clone and process development, preclinical and clinical drug development, to GMP production. We employ more than 200 people at our sites in Berlin and Heidelberg.

Our strategy is to seek collaboration partners for late-stage development and commercialization for our oncology products, and partners to out-license existing clinical programs in our non-oncology portfolio.

Our human blood coagulation business was recently partnered with Octapharma in an exclusive strategic deal in October 2015.

At Glycotope, we aim to play our part in the immuno-oncology revolution by using our world-leading understanding of glyco-biology to develop new and better targeted and glyco-optimized immunotherapeutics in cancer and other areas of high unmet medical need. "
Paul G Higham
Chief Executive Officer
  • 2016
    Expansion of management team with appointment of Paul Higham as new CEO
  • 2015
    Major exclusive license agreement on human blood coagulation factors with Octapharma AG
  • 2014
    Start Phase IIb trial for CetuGEX®
  • 2013
    Start Phase IIb trial for PankoMab
  • 2012
    Expansion of GMP Facility. Start Phase II trial for FSH-GEX®
  • 2008
    Founding of Glycotope Biotechnology GmbH and acquisition of GMP production facility in Heidelberg. Approval for Fill & Finish
  • 2007
    Acquisition of all assets of Nemod Biotherapeutics
  • 2000
    Company founded by Dr. Steffen Goletz and Dr. Andreas Eckert
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